Mary Brown stopped commenting after divorcing Cody Brown on the advice of Sister Wives Fan

Mary is not showing disrespect. Peak Credit: TLC

Mary Brown is not going to stand up for trolls in her life. Last week the Sister Wives star quickly tackled a situation that resulted in Facebook comments being heavily monitored.

Despite all the negativity surrounding the brand, Lularo is still a fun business for Mary. She often interacts with fans and goes straight to selling her clothes. Last week, when a follower inquired about Cody Brown and his relationship with him, things took a turn for the worse.

What happened to Mary Brown’s live sales?

To sell her somewhat light-used Lularo clothing, Mary Brown went on Facebook Live and started selling. When he brought a piece of clothing and asked his members what they remembered about which episode of Sister Wives wore it, things quickly went awry.

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A Sister Weaves viewer was chiefly asked that when Cody Brown admitted that he did not know why he married Mary, from there the reality star instructed her moderator to remove the commenter and admitted how rude it had become.

While it’s not clear if the comment should be slapped verbally, the commenter is now banned and cannot participate in any future sales of the group. Mary Brown was very suitable for the fans of the show who have supported her business very well but this time a line was crossed.

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Peak Credit: @ThalamriBrown / Instagram

Is Mary Brown still with Cody Brown?

The status quo between Mary and Cody Brown is backwards. Through their polygamous beliefs they are officially divorced despite being “married”. He always said that if he moved away from Cody, he would move away from his family as well.

Sister Wives is a great hit for TLC and the revelation of how things work with the Browns has captivated fans. Last season was particularly intense when it comes to Mary and Cody’s relationship. Lots of things have been circulated that have changed some notions about the couple, especially after the catfish scandal.

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Although their lives have been publicly displayed, Mary tries to keep her business and television shows separate. Reality Star will engage a certain amount of people in her Facebook group, but when they cross the line she will turn them off and her moderator will manage them.

Sister Wives is currently out but is expected to return to TLC in the coming months.

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