Marvel’s Iron Man VR is behind and will be released on July 2

Sony announced on Twitter that Iron Man VR will now be released on July 3, 2020.

See the announcement tweet below.

SIE update. We’re glad to announce that Marvel’s Iron Man VR 3 will be released on July Please wait for more news in the coming weeks.

– May 12, 2020 PlayStation (Leplastation)

Following the delay in the spring release date, Iron Man VR will now be available this summer, on July 3, 2020 in the skies of PS PSVR. Players will be able to take part in high-team fights as they continue to fight Iron Man’s biggest villains.

Announced earlier this year, Marvel: Sony will bring you a lifelong experience that will eventually allow you to finally become an Iron Man with the power of PSVR. Most details weren’t announced at first, but Payton is back with some great news. Check out the latest video footage for Iron Man VR right here.

Sony rolled out today when the company unveiled a new development team at PlayStation Studios that featured all the exceptions. The new studio got its initial animation and dazzling.

Iron Man VR is set to release this summer, on July 320, 20.

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Source: PlayStation Twitter

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