Marvel’s Avengers: Hulk Combat Tips and Build Guide | How to stay single alive

Incredible Hulk is one of the most powerful creatures in the Marvel Universe – so many players are probably going to wonder why the Big Green Rage machine feels so apprehensive in Marvel’s Avengers. The big guy can go down if you don’t play carefully and here are some tips to help you overcome this extremely angry boy.

In order to truly face the damage as the Hulk, you need to use its special features – your goal should be to gear that increases the amount of Hulk. Solve (HP) And Elasticity (DEF). A good Hulk can tank a hit, but light drivers can also get in the way when nuts are fired at rogues. Once you reach level 15 you will be able to parry almost everything except attack – Red Attack. And surprisingly, the Hulk’s best ability to make its meters was paralyzed

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The Hulk is strong Anger mechanic Important for survival in Marvel Avenger. Press (R2 / RT) To turn on Anger mode, Which eventually achieves a parry against it Blue / yellow Attack.

Anger mode Makes the Hulk attack More powerful, Protects him Against blue / yellow attacks and can Healing You! Learning to master the reggae is crucial to surviving as the Hulk.

  • Anger tip: You can set the toggle mode to toggle in the options menu. It drains your meter very quickly – although I recommend Tap Anger Mode Put instead.
    • You can tap to use the minimum amount of meters and time to protect against incoming blue / yellow attacks.

Playing as the Hulk will make you want to create your specials as soon as possible. It can be done with Heavy attack Very fast – Use anger mode to protect Your heavy attacks can be intercepted while charging or they can be interrupted very quickly.

  • Anger tip: Hulk can jump higher than usual while in Rage mode, landing with Strong crush. Tap to get angry while jumping to make a special jump!

I want to spread the shawls quickly? No need to use heavy attacks including Hulk. Instead, launch a wide-ranging attack The Hulk grabs a large rock. Instead of throwing it away, you can Use it as a harmful weapon. Immediately the big rock will break through the walls.

You can do the same with enemies. Hulk Standard (water) can attack and attack enemies! It will also break the shells quickly – and ieldal enemies are ridiculously common in later parts of the game.

How to make Hulk

For gears, focus on equipping light gears + Resilience And Solve Raise her Defense And Maximum HP.

For upgrades, make sure it does anything Increases your anger. Everything Rage tree Priority for unlocking should be 1. Anger protects you from obstacles, heals and harms you.

Nuts go to catch enemies (two at once) and anger. Tapping the rag instead of holding allows you to stay in rag mode as much as possible – just activate it before the attacks, or when you need to monitor. It is activated instantly and during combos. Proper use of anger mode is how you survive the Hulk. It’s just that simple.

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