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Marvel’s Avengers isn’t just a linear story – it’s a live service game in the veins of destiny or division and online options expand exponentially after you finish your original story. In the final game you will gain access to more complex systems, more missions and more different ways to play with friends. There is also a completely different leveling system; If you play a live service game, you know everything about the power level / gear score.

After hitting level 50, you will “level up” by adjusting the gear. Each gear has a power level and to be more powerful you need to increase your cumulative score by averaging from all the gears you are currently equipped with. The game world scales with you, so the higher your power level, the better the gear goes down – this can be confusing for unfamiliar players, so let’s break down exactly what to do with 130+ PL or beyond.

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How to get to 130+ PL Last game

Energy level It’s one Special level type It is available after you reach your max level and finish the game End-game content. Power levels are calculated based on your current accumulated gear score – no matter what level your gear is in, it combines to create your power level. It determines how strong you are and how much damage you have done (or received) in the mission.

The The maximum power level appears to be 150 pl – which can only be reached by raising the gear. The Softcap 130 PL – This means enemies will stop dropping gear on the PL130. You can achieve this by completing two specific types of challenges only: villain sector and HVT (high price target). The villain sector is the best way to improve your level and get better gear right now.

The villain sectors are the most difficult challenge to complete single, but it is possible. Before entering, you should know a few things about humiliating villain sectors.

  • Harmful room Only You earn XP. They won’t give you gear.
  • You don’t have to equate your AI peers. They will automatically scale to battle at your level.
  • Villain Sector Will give you +5 PL gear.
  • If you drink Projectile damage modifier, Just give up and try again. This is by far the deadliest corrector.

A good level is about level 30 until your chosen character – you will be able to start fighting against the villain squad. To reach this level, complete the HRM rooms below 10 PL, then move on to the mission. Your goal is to complete an iconic mission before taking on the villain sector.

Start by grinding the blends available from the vendors. Will do any side-missions. Something that raises the power level of your main character. Gear up and equip it – and then complete your iconic mission. Once you finish the iconic mission, you should take shots at the villain sectors.

  • How to get to 130+ PL Quick guide
    • Below 10 PL, full HRM room
    • Play through missions and complete the iconic mission to reach 30 ~ PL of your character.
    • Grind villain sectors for +5 PL per run.
    • Don’t bother crushing your friends. You can drop them around 20 20 PL and they’ll get better – even at 130 130 PL!

The villain sectors make you stand up against a tough group of villains. These villains always have about +5 PL, so if you have a power level of 25 then they will have a power level of 30 Power This is what makes their power level so good for rolling. These are extremely tough, but getting them done almost guarantees some PL gain from high level gear.

  • Tip: To earn higher power gear, play in Challenge 3 or Challenge 4 or higher! What you can handle will help you – Gold Strongboxes Challenge also encourages difficulty in level 4 volts.

If you’re looking for a quicker way to increase gear score / power level in the last game, just use Boost Mechanic. Boost lets you upgrade gears and unlock additional parks. This instantly increases the power level of the excited gear and increases your total score. This results in better and better gear getting off.

You will always want to equip the best gear. The power level of the loot drop is directly proportional to your current PL, so it is recommended to increase it quickly so that you can get better gear drops which allows you to get more advanced / higher gear drops. It’s a vicious cycle of improvement and it’s very possible to get to the PL130 quickly if you concentrate.

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