Marvel’s Avengers: Here’s a gear bonus guide to what virtually all position effects do

Sometimes you will find gear that suffers a special kind of loss in the Marvel Avengers. You can get a piece of gear that gives you the effect of cosmic, gamma, or PYM compression position to enemies. But heck what does this weird situation actually do? Even if you’ve got the gear and you’re using it on enemies, it’s not always clear. There is no document that explains how these forces affect enemies.

In fact, it is a lie. There is documentation! But the touch you get when it fully loads the screen is very well (very briefly) in With enough patience, we were able to compile the effects of all the individual positions. See, I had no idea how plasma burns, so I had to find out. Now we are sharing that information with you. See the full list of status effects below.

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Status Impact List | Cryo, cosmic, electronic, gamma, particle, plasma

Gear can add special status effects to your articles. There are 6 different types of status effects – some have obvious effects, but others do not. Here is a complete list of official explanations provided in random loading screen tooltips.

  • CRYO FREEZ: If an enemy takes enough Creo Loss, they Freeze, Slow down and reduce all activities. Completely hinders many defensive powers.
  • Cosmetic ions: If an enemy takes enough Cosmic Loss, they become Ionized, At the same time increasing the damage from incoming attacks while encouraging hero strength.
  • Electronic shock: If an enemy takes enough Shock Loss, they become Surprised, More damage from incoming attacks and more likely to be critical attacks.
  • Gamma poisoning: If an enemy takes enough Gamma Loss, they come Insects, May cause additional interstitial damage which they spread to the nearest enemy. A large gamma explosion occurs as a result of being defeated while suffering the effects of this position.
  • PYM shrinkage: If an enemy takes enough Particles Damage, pim particles cause them Shrink. Enemies suffer less damage when reduced in size and take more damage from all attacks.
  • Plasma burn: If an enemy takes enough Plasma Loss, they Burns And are sometimes prevented from attacking. Some enemies will be stunned by this effect.

That’s it! Now you know the difference between plasma loss and particle loss.

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