Marvel Avengers: How to get upgrade modules and reach 150 PL. Last game

Reaching the 150 power level in the Marvel Avengers is a small task – once you press the 130PL softcap you will need to use upgrade modules to increase your power. And you will absolutely need all these modules to boost your gear and achieve this final 20 power level. If you are lost and do not know where to find the upgrade modules, we will break down all the methods below and explain which methods are going to be most effective for farming.

Upgrade modules are a rare resource that you will only get from Gold Chests, Silver Chests and VIP Targets. By completing specific missions, you can earn even more – and if you know the mission format well, you can farm any mission field in Challenge IV and break the legendary gear earned for more modules. The best way to get this daily is with DNA vaults.

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Guide to how to get the upgrade module DNA key and end-game content

The only way to reach the maximum power level is the upgrade module. Using these rare materials to encourage your best tools is the only way to go from 130pl to 140pl. At 140pl, you’ll need to completely upgrade your art to instantly increase +10pl 150 pl.

However, increasing your gear becomes really expensive – and each boost requires a stack of upgraded modules. There are several ways to achieve these modules, so let’s break down all the methods of cultivating them. And you absolutely have to farm them.

You will gain a DNA key by completing the daily villain sector. This special key will unlock the vaults. These vaults can last up to 15 upgrade modules If you play cruel difficulties. With less difficulty, you can earn 10 upgrade modules From the vault chest.

  • Method # 2: Farmer Chest / Grant Goals

Play in Challenge Ivy and clear the ones you are familiar with. Any version can reward you with upgrade modules. Open gold chests for the chance to get the upgrade module and the legendary gear (more likely to get into trouble). Please clear the target and you are guaranteed to get the legend to complete the mission.

Cancel the legendary gear for a chance to earn upgrade modules.

  • Method # 3: Purchase from departmental vendors

Faction vendors Upgrade module sale for 250 pieces. It’s quite expensive, so I suggest saving your pieces and completing only the daily villain sectors instead.

This is one of the few ways that you can earn the rarest and most valuable element of the game.

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