Marvel Avengers: How to Fix Vault Adjustments Guaranteed Key Shield Cache Locations

Vault adjustments are little mini-missions that you can earn randomly in Marvel’s Avengers – this search gives you the location of a vault in another version that allows you to open the vault and claim rewards inside.

These are made randomly, but there are a few locations where you are guaranteed to find them. If you want to open more chests and speed up your end-game grind, here you can find guaranteed endless supplies Vault coordinates / keys.

There is only one of these vault coordinates per run, but this is what you really need. The vault has multiple locations, including coordinates / keys, so we’ll list everything we’ve found so far.

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Where to find the coordinates / keys of the guaranteed vault Location guide

Vault adjustments are available at the Secret Shield base on specific maps. When you get close to a hidden shield base, a radar ping will appear in your HD. Follow it on the hidden switch to access the underground chamber.

At the bottom, grab all the books and you’ll find one Vault coordinates Item – This unlocks an additional side mission on your battle table. You will be able to attack vaults on missions such as “Desert Vault” or “Forest Vault”.

These vaults have a lot of good rewards, so if you aim to farm them or if you want to complete them Hero Card Challenge Secret vaults are needed, but how to get them.

  • Vault coordinate position:
    • Stark reality (Pacific Northwest): Go left from the start until you get a radar signal.
    • Our city (Utah Badlands): Go to the far left and enter a cave next to the police car. After exiting the other side of the cave you will get a radar signal.

Vaults and Elite Vaults are a great way to farm gear at higher difficulty levels. Just remember to raise the challenge rating for a better chance to find that precious gold chest!

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