Maria Kerry sent Andy Cohen to school about her songwriting skills

Well, it was awkward!

Discussing Mariah Carey’s Christmas classic on CNN’s New Year’s Eve show, host Andy Cohen asked the mold, “When you want everything for Christmas, did you record it? Because it’s one of the songs you listen to and it’s still brand new. Sounds like a song. “

“Thank you,” the Grammy winner replied, “but first, I don’t always hate to say it, but as a writer I wrote that song.”

Cohen quickly added, “I know,” but it was too late, too late, for the diva.

“Yeah, but you said, ‘It was recorded,’ so I just had to make it clear to the people in the house,” Kerry, 50, responded. (Kerry and lyricist partner Walter Afanasif co-wrote the tune, probably within 15 minutes.)

Adding just a splash to the exchange, Kerry asked what was making noise in the background, forcing Cohen to answer that it was Jennifer Lopez’s performance for the evening.

Kerry, whose presumption of disagreement with Lopez comes back with the feeling that Lopez copied her “boyfriend” with “I’m real”, has a steady smile on her face.

The situation was sharply addressed in Kerry’s recent memoir, where a female entertainer (whom I don’t know) labeled “Sony” was described as one who described her response to her famous interview as “I don’t know her.” A question about Lopez


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