Many more countries are adopting or switching to Apple / Google communication tracking API

Apple / Google’s coronavirus tracking API is not yet universally accepted, but now it seems to be growing faster, more countries have adopted it and others have switched to it.

It is recognized by Finland, Ireland and Portugal. Austria is converting to this. Singapore Australia discusses change.

Switzerland is the first country to issue an API-based application following Italy. Germany, Latvia and Estonia are doing the same, with only the United Kingdom and France refusing to do so.

Germany has taken a step back from its original position and a Reuters report says other countries are now suing.

European countries, which were wary of coronavirus epidemic attacks, are looking for second-generation communication tracks to help prevent further outbreaks.

Recent apps have more advantages than Apple’s iPhone, one of Europe’s most popular smartphones, and don’t rely on centralized databases that could deprive them of privacy.

Based on technology from Apple and Google, Switzerland, Latvia and Italy have decided to have a short range of Bluetooth radio stations for their applications, allowing secure exchange of smartphones with people close to each other. […].

Several other countries, including Finland, Ireland and Portugal, are working to implement such decentralization [և] Singapore and Australia are discussing their common quality transfer […]. :

After the centralized application faced serious security issues, encountered delays and faced legal challenges, the UK is also discussing the switch.

In the United States, only a few states have said they will accept the API, a large number rejecting it.

One of the problems is that Apple and Google customers do not explain how the API works and the eight guarantees of privacy provided by it. I stressed that in order to be intelligent, Apple and Google need to go ahead and create their own apps.

They have done most of the 99% work, hoping they will do the other 1%. What was to happen at that time was for governments to say yes, please, and to publish programs at a time when the API was available.

However, it didn’t happen, and it won’t either. There have been proposals of our opposition criteria als we have long discussed. We have white papers. We promised. What we had was not communication tracking programs.

It was obviously in favor of intelligence. Government IT projects usually take a few years when what we needed was available within a week.

All Apple and Google needed to do was create their own applications and make only localized versions available in each country.

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