/Mandova police claim Andre Castrovet has moved to Ireland because of corruption but is the 90-day fiance buying it?

Mandova police claim Andre Castrovet has moved to Ireland because of corruption but is the 90-day fiance buying it?

Exciting conversation between Andre and Elizabeth before marriage. Peak Credit: TLC

In this 90-day engagement season: Ever After Happiness ?, Elizabeth Pothast and her husband Andrei Casravet returned to Andrei’s homeland for a second wedding with her Moldovan family.

The Libyan family also traveled to Moldova for the wedding, but instead of enjoying the experience, they used it as an excuse to find answers about Andre’s past.

The family was curious as to why every time they asked about his past or why he left Moldova, he threw off the question and closed the conversation.

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The tug-of-war between the Pothast family and Andre is no secret – the trip didn’t start until Libya’s sister Jane called Andrei’s mother’s cooking ‘farmer’s food’ and her brother Charlie fought Andre around dinner.

The audience’s story of making Andrey’s privacy was expected to take an insane turn and rumors of drug dealing ranged from ex-boyfriends.

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Why did Andre suddenly move to Ireland?

Andrei and his friend Marcel both quit their jobs as police officers and fled to Ireland, but why? It was a question that Libyan families were determined to find the answer to before leaving Moldova.

Andre’s concern about the matter further aroused the family.

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The Libyan family was able to corner Andre’s best friend Marcel and question him on his way to Ireland. Visually shaken Marcel helped the family to further develop the relationship with his friend.

Marcel explained that the Moldovan police were corrupt and that Andrei was being forced to leave. According to Marcel, corruption in the police department led to a conflict between the high-ups and Andre, which led him to decide to move to Ireland. This answer was not to the satisfaction of the Pothosts.

Eventually his big secret was revealed

Andrei explained that police officers in Moldova are not able to make a living on their paychecks alone. To survive, most take bribes and break the law.

He further explained that in order to survive as a police officer you have to apply the law to superior officers to prove loyalty.

Andrei chose to leave before the corruption deepened. The decision was eventually set up by police officers including him and forced him to leave Moldova.

Andrea has social media

Family Libby is still convinced that Andrei was expelled from his country because he did something he did not tell them.

Andre told Libby and his family that he had left Moldova because he did not want to be a corrupt policeman and they turned him against him. # 90DayFiance # 90DayFianceHappilyEverAfter pic.twitter.com/6yh76xPQyA

– Lama Drama (@sweatsandpizza) September 7, 2020

For some reason, they don’t realize that this same corrupt police force could threaten Andre Moldovan’s family and that could be the reason he doesn’t want to talk about it.

They do not live in any part of the country of corruption? Andre went on to improve himself. # 90DayFiance # 90DayFianceHappilyEver pic.twitter.com/0nduBpk7Fl

– Shelbell (@Shellebowel) September 7, 2020

Viewers are confused as to why Libby’s family is questioning Andre’s police officer’s background when they have questionable pastes and mugshots with them on the internet.

Do you think Andrei is telling the truth about leaving Moldova?

90 Day Engagement: Ever After Happiness? The TLC aired on Sunday at 8 / 7c.