Man City owners “tried and tried” to buy Liverpool, but moved to a deal due to “tough” hiccups and gills – Scottish Sun

The Grammy Sussex revealed a clear attempt by Sheikh Mansour to buy Liverpool before investing his fortune in Manchester City.

Amanda Stavelli, a financier behind the Eastlands Club and Newcastle’s potential 300 million income in 200lands, reportedly accepted the offer at a restaurant in Dubai.


Liverpool fans may wonder what it would be like to take Sheikh Mansour’s credit: Getty Images – Getty

According to Soares, the Emirates supported the offer to buy Liverpool after Tom Hicks and George Gillett stopped selling.

Solar Recruitment at Sky Sports: “I went to Dubai 13 years ago.

“I walked around the hotel with my wife and my son and went to the Nobu restaurant, which was empty right after lunch.

“On the way out, someone came and introduced himself, then a woman came and introduced herself as Amanda. I am a Liverpool supporter, ”he said.

He said during the conversation, “I’m responsible for taking the Abu Dhabi family to Man City,” and I said, “But five minutes ago you said you were a Liverpool supporter – why didn’t you take them to Liverpool?”

“He said, ‘I’ve tried and tried, but Gillette and Hicks were so tough that they finally left.’


American merchants were unhappy with Anfield’s loyalists during the three-and-a-half years that the Reds were in charge.

In January 2008, fans protested against the news that a spy with Rafa Benitez had further submerged his approval move and was considering an acquisition of Middle Eastern interests.

Dubai Capital International, controlled by Sheikh Mansour’s father-in-law Mohammed Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, was thought to be behind the move to buy Liverpool at this stage before Hicks and Gillette entered.


Credit: PA: Press Association for Revealing Why This Offer Was Blocked


Former captain and board member Radim Grim Suun discovered at the Dubai Credit: PA: Press Association
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