Malka Lefer has lost her latest extradition request to Israel

The Israeli Supreme Court has rejected an appeal for a hearing on the mental health of the accused child sex offender Malka Lafarge standing trial in July.

The unanimous decision of the court on Wednesday gave him a fair reprieve from continuing to face his extradition case, which the verdict upheld.

Lifer has been accused of rape and child abuse in Australia since his time as principal of the Adas Israeli School in Melbourne.

Three Melbourne sisters who have been tortured by Lifer, who fled to Israel after the allegations surfaced in 2006, have been fighting for nearly a decade to bring her back to Australia.

Victoria Police have arrested Malka Lifer in four cases, including rape and child sexual abuse. Photo: ABC

After countless delays in Israeli courts, extradition hearings began in July, on the grounds that Lifer was mentally able to stand trial, as the court allowed.

However his lawyers have again filed an appeal, even the trial is ongoing and the final psychiatric assessment has already been heard heard

Longtime victim supporter Money Wax issued a statement after the appeal was rejected, saying it was an expected decision.

“It has become virtually clear to everyone who has followed this case, including countless experts, that Lifer has taken the Israeli judiciary on a big journey,” Wax wrote.

“According to their judgment, even the judges said that the executive ‘pulls in much more than is reasonable.’

Jeremy Leiber, President of the Zionist Federation of Australia, insisted on your behalf that the past evidence before the court had always proved that Leffer was awakening mental disability.

“His unanimous rejection of this appeal by the Supreme Court helped restore faith in a system that could have made Lifer’s alleged victims wait so long,” Mr Leibler said.

“It’s time to dump her and move on.”

The Jerusalem District Court is due to announce its decision on September 21.

Lifer’s lawyers, however, will have the opportunity to appeal.


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