Makeup artist Ethan Supreme is reported to have died from a drug overdose

Ethan Peters, a 17-year-old beauty therapist, has died of drug overdose. Peak Credit: Ethan Peters / Instagram.

According to several sources, 17-year-old makeup artist and YouTuber Ethan Peters has died of drug overdose. Also known as Ethanisuprem, Peters has more than five million followers on Instagram and a YouTube channel with over 5 million views.

Instagram model Ava Lewis claims that her friend Ethan was addicted to drugs and defended the controversial make-up artist by paying tribute in a tweet a week ago.

“Snap it before it’s too late for your friends. Get real help before your friends are too late.” Ava wrote on Twitter and continued with the following:

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“Ethan told me a week ago he wanted help … I screamed at him if I forced him to. I f ** king hope I don’t let him take the pill in front of me. This pain is crazy.”

Lewis said in subsequent tweets that Ethan had been addicted to drugs for more than a year due to the pressure of fame and that the 17-year-old make-up artist had a drug-inspired manic episode.

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Ethan Peters is from Texas and started his YouTube career in 2017. In an interview, Peters said that he took inspiration from makeup gurus like Jeffrey Starr. Ethan began making product review videos and make-up conversions that saw his YouTube and Instagram numbers explode over the past three years.

In her latest Instagram post, Ethan is Supreme has added her bully to the caption before and after her photo and below. “I want to thank everyone who raped me. I do this once a year to see how much I have changed and the only thing is not dark circles.

Ethanisuprem has received multiple respects from the beauty-influencing community, with many warnings about the dangers of drug addiction to Ethan’s supporters.

While several YouTubers and influential people have confirmed his death, several Twitter users have expressed suspicion that Ethan faked his death. Make-up artist Cole Carrigan has joined Ethan’s growing list of tributes and posted an Instagram tribute saying that “the beauty community has lost a very talented soul today.”

Ethan has been accused of making a number of controversial statements before and has been accused of racism. However, many defended his activities, citing his age and drug addiction as the reasons for his controversial actions.

Flint magazine wrote a feature on Ethan last year describing how he was kicked out of a private school for his sex.

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