/Make sure your home insurance covers flood damage

Make sure your home insurance covers flood damage

As the seventh anniversary of the 2013 Great Flood draws to a close, the city of Calgary has launched a high water service for the Bow and Elbow Rivers.

“Due to the high expected flow and current forecast, Calgary residents are advised to operate boats and all other vessels on the river at this time,” the city said in a statement. “We expect high flow progress for the next period due to melting ice, the continued presence of thunderstorms and the arrival of a low pressure system in Alberta during the weekend.

“There is no possibility of flood on the banks of the river. However, the pressure and currents in the elbow quickly cool and darken and make the river and nearby conditions dangerous. “

Warning is a reminder to make sure your family is ready for a flood and most importantly, make sure your home insurance cover covers flooding on your list.

It is important to know that the province of Alberta has a map of flood zones with varying degrees of exposure. Flood insurance companies can only provide coverage in low-risk areas. Check with your agent at this time.

Anne Mary Thomas of the insurance hotline.com says that if insurers buy it, the flood only comes under home insurance.

“This is not part of the standard homeowners policy. Damage to your home through the roof, basement, doors and windows of your home includes damage to the exterior and interior of your home. In addition, damage to personal property in case of floods and damage from sewage reservoirs due to floods will be covered. “

If a flood warning is issued, take precautionary measures.

“Protect property that may cause further damage, such as moving unsightly items upstairs or to another safe place.” Contact your insurance agent or company for the next step, “Thomas says.” Take pictures of what the relief program can provide. “

If removed, additional living expenses such as travel, meals and hotels should be covered by most landlord and rental policies, if the root cause of the loss is covered by the underlying policy.

“Floods can come at a time when we all practice physical distance,” said Thomas. Alberta was anticipating some of the epidemics associated with floods and fires, and the province is preparing to ensure physical distance and sanitation measures, according to Alberta’s chief health officer, Dr. Dina Hinshaw. . “.

The Government of Canada has a list of things to follow after a flood: at www.getprepared.gc.ca/cnt/hzd/flds-ftr-eng.aspx.