/Lost | Damon Lindelof has revealed plans for the original three seasons for the series

Lost | Damon Lindelof has revealed plans for the original three seasons for the series

Lost co-producer Damon Lindloff has revealed the original plan for his mystery drama series, in which it was only run for three seasons.

The intelligent writer went on to create two acclaimed shows for HBO, Leftovers and Watchman, both of which count as relatively short episodes to tell a central and limited story.

Lindloff hoped to do the same with Lost, but the American broadcaster came against the pressure of ABC, which wanted to keep the show as long as possible due to the high viewership.

Speaking to Collider, he explained: “It was all an interesting mystery and so we were saying, ‘We want to answer this thing at the end of the first season, this stuff at the end of the two seasons, and then basically the show will be given na about three years later. It’s over. ‘

“It was the initial pitch and they [ABC] Didn’t even hear it … They were just like, ‘Do you want to see how hard it is to do a show that people want to see? And do people like the show? So why would we end it? You don’t see what people are seeing. “

The three-season plan eventually went out of the window for that reason, but ABC doesn’t begin to understand the author’s concerns when the show gets a rough patch with critics.

Rare fame for most American scripted dramas After first asking for a boring 10 seasons, the network finally met Lindolf’s team somewhere in the middle.

Lindolph added: “So we got the deal down to six [seasons] With less episodes to give us more time in the middle of the season to plan things out and then of course the fourth season was briefly spent by the writers strike, but everything else goes comparatively according to the design.

“We can’t say what we did, but we had a plan and we put that plan into action.”

Lost ended in 2010 and although it has proven to be a grand finale polarization, some fans and critics still consider it to be the best television show of all time.

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