Lorisa Lima has blocked Colt Johnson on all social media

We’ve come a long way since we saw Lorisa during her 90-day engagement. Peak Credit: িসLorisalimarial / Instagram

Who could forget one of the most turbulent relationships in the history of a 90-day engagement?

The era of Larissa Lima and Colt Johnson is arguably one of the best known franchises. Who can forget when Larissa said, “Who will die against the Queen!”

The couple ended their relationship and went their separate ways, but it wasn’t without big drama.

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What does Larissa even think about Colt?

Season 4 Tell everyone, Lorisa came up with a wonderful surprise for her television husband. Larissa appeared on television exclusively via video chat but there was someone new sitting next to her.

The relationship between Colt and Lorisa was nothing more than smooth, she surprised Colt with the debut of her new boyfriend on national TV.

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Although Colt was burned at the time, tensions eased and both sides moved on with their lives.

Lorisa was recently asked on Instagram, “Has Colty ever tried to reach out to you after Vallesa?”

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Lorisa reveals that her ex-Colt Johnson is blocked on all platforms. Peak Credit: িসLorisalimarial / Instagram

According to Lorisa, Colt may not even be able to send her emails because she is blocked from everything.

Although she is in good condition with her ex-Eric Nichols, it is safe to say that she does not want any contact with her ex-husband.

What else is there for the ex-90 day fianc couple?

For Lorisa, you won’t see her at TLC, but Colt will definitely appear a few times at the spin-offs, traveling to Discovery +.

Shawn Robinson recently promised a ‘seat’ on his steamy, new show – 90 days Beres All.

Assuring fans that he would reveal the secrets behind the scenes, viewers can expect an interview from Colt himself.

Colt may have had a few new things to shoot for an offer recently to his longtime friend Vanessa Guerra.

He first told his ex-girlfriend Jess Caroline that he was not romantically interested in Vanessa. They only try to prove Vanessa as a friend that Colt has lied to women and that she won’t even trust him as a boyfriend.

Although they shared the former, Eric shared his congratulations for the new couple and joked about being the best man in Colt.

Do you think Larissa and Colt will ever be friends?

The 90-day engagement is broadcast on TLC on Sunday at 8 / 7c.

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