Little Nightmare 2 Get 15 minutes of new gameplay footage, check it out here

Bandai Namco Gamescom showed up until 2020 and they brought some exciting news for their highly anticipated horror-based platforming sequel – Little Night Dreams 2!

Little Nightmare 2 was a bit quiet, we didn’t really hear from the game for quite some time, but it ended in Gamescom in 2020 when Bandai Namco came up with some new epic footage for the upcoming game.

Yes, we got 15 minutes of gameplay footage of Little Nightmare 2 and that’s a great surprise. The sequel seems to add to the awful level, though it does retain its beautiful charm. The original Little Nightmare title was one of the best platforming games of recent times and now with the sequel to Horizon we can only hope for more than that.

Check out the 15-minute short nightmares below:

Spoolers in front: Learn how to match the Six in the wilds outside of Mono Pale City. Will they be able to escape The Hunter together?

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Little Nightmare II coming to PS4, Xbox 1, PC, and Switch on February 11, 2021, and PS5 and Xbox coming later in 2021. Are you interested in the upcoming sequel? What did you think of the gameplay? Let us know in the comments below!

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