/List of the 10 worst bug-breaking bugs in our favorite video games

List of the 10 worst bug-breaking bugs in our favorite video games

Video games tend to be more complex. Commercial games that were created by small developers are not multi-office efforts that require hundreds (or thousands) of employees. It’s normal for some bugs to get cracked for a while, but these aren’t your usual everyday bugs. The bugs in this list ruin your game, ruin your computer, and even ruin your life. Sometimes bugs are bad and sometimes they are catastrophic.

Here are 10 infamous bugs from the past of gaming. Some of these are recent, some of them old, but these are all destructive reminders that video games are not always fun. Your files can be deleted when everything goes wrong, and even your Windows partition can be completely broken. There are some amazingly big games with huge problems and we got gaming completely wrong for some time due to bugs oring

Beware of half-life uninstallers

Half-life indicates a change in the sea in the shooter. After Half-Life, the shooters experience thrilling storytelling with hard work and care and explosive set-pieces made with polish. Half-Life 1 has really changed everything – and it’s one of the most popular games of all time that can completely chew up the interior of your computer with the scariest bugs of all time.

On a PC, uninstalling Half-Life 1 can delete your entire program file folder. The Sierra Uninstall utility will delete the entire root folder instead of deleting the half-life installed folder. These were the old days of PC gaming, before steam and cloud storage – everything was in the program files. Save all your files and installation folders. And this problem has never really been fixed.

Instead Valve has published a half-life source, which does not show this problem at all. This is the only version anyone can buy and for good reason. It will not delete all your files! This can be worse if you install Half-Life directly in the Windows directory.

The PlayStation Underground sends the most Christmas gifts of all time

One of the most incredible screw-ups of all time comes from PlayStation Underground Magazine. In the days before the Internet became the only game in town, gaming magazines tried to entice customers with packed-in demo discs. One of these discs came with the Vivid Joe 2 on the PS2 – and wiped the entire PS2 memory card trying to play the demo.

In fact, the demo will not simply delete all saved files on a single memory card. This will erase all memory cards serted on the console. Sony tried to warn customers by sending postcards to readers to remove all memory cards from the PS2 before inserting the disc. Too bad those information cards haven’t arrived in weeks!

You can even read about the press release sent in 2004.

These are the bugs that want to halve our CPUs. See the next page for more frustration-induced bugs in gaming.