Lisa Vanderpump doesn’t want to leave RHOBH but wants to control the story, according to Katherine Edwards

Former RHOBH cast member Lisa talks to Vanderpump. Peak Credit: Bravo

Catherine Edwards only spent one season at Real Housewives in Beverly Hills, but she still has plenty of tea to spread.

One hit surprise joined the reality show during the 6th season and Erica Jane made quite a fuss when she trusted her to be wary of Lisa Vanderpump.

Katherine, however, went straight back to Lisa and spread what Erica had said, creating a rift in the already rocky relationship.

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After an apology, Erica puts things to rest with the newborn but the audience is not very forgiving.

And despite bringing some drama to her first season on the show, Katherine was not brought back in the second season.

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Now, the 55-year-old is giving us some insider details about things we haven’t seen.

Catherine says Vanderpump doesn’t want to leave RHOB

During a recent episode of Behind the Velvet Rope Podcast with David Yountef, a former RHOBH cast member dissatisfied with the show.

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And since Lisa Vanderpump left the housewives franchise after the ninth season, her name was a topic of conversation during the interview.

When asked to give her thoughts to the owner of the Villa Blanker, Catherine certainly was not far behind.

Katherine says, “I don’t think she wanted to get off the housewife show.” I think she felt like she had to play with her hands. He wanted certain things that the show didn’t do to make him better so he could save face. “

Katherine added, “He left. But she, in my opinion, has grown a bit for the actress involved in Kanda. “

Did Lisa try to control the storytelling?

According to the single-season nut, Lisa tried to control certain stories among housewives

“He produced, he tried to control the stories,” Katherine says. He will call you and tell you that you need to tell someone. He did it, he did it. “

Katherine also spoke of a dinner scene that was filmed at Erica Girardi’s home as an example.

“So we ate tonight and we were all great. Everyone was coming together and we were having a really nice time. ”

“Vanderpump has got a text [from a producer] Which is to say that ‘this dinner is really annoying, let’s do something. So he showed it to me and I thought, okay, okay, then go. Let’s make dinner and get out of here.

After the lesson, Lisa confronts Erica about the ‘sniper’ comment and we talk about a dramatic scene, but Katherine says it didn’t come down so much.

“The whole conversation was completely different from the way it ended up being shown,” Katherine shares. “No one was kicked out of the house. We all hugged. And it was great. But they did it differently. “

Part 3 of Real Housewives at the Beverly Hills Reunion airs Wednesday, September 16 at 9/8 C in Bravo.

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