Line of Duty Season 6 | The BBC has announced that filming has resumed

Now we are sucking diesel! The upcoming sixth series of Line of Duty production has resumed, five months after the break of the Covid-19 movie.

The BBC announced today that the series has resumed filming with screen shots of Line of Duty star Martin Compston (DS Steve Arnott) which gives fans of Gall Eyes an idea about the upcoming series, said creator Zed Mercury.

To spread the word, the author took to Twitter to say: “It’s great to be back on #LineFutyDuty. Thank you to all our brilliant fans for your patience during this difficult time.

He added in a follow-up tweet: “When I took this picture, I was careful to hide the prisoner opposite @Martin_Compston, but you only saw a focus image on the camera monitor. Clue: This is not Julia Montago.”

When I took this picture I was careful about hiding it in the opposite room @ Martin_Compston but you can only see a focus image on the camera monitor. Source: This is not Julia Montig.

– Zed Mercurio (@Zed_Mercurio) September 1, 2020

Julia Montago played a character in Mercury’s political-thriller Bodyguard, Kelly House – the star of the second series of Line of Duty. He played the role of Detective Inspector Linde Denton, a corrupt cop who was murdered during three series.

Speaking about returning to filming, Martin Compston said: “It’s been several months and it will be a different way of working since we stopped, but I’m glad to be back with the Line of Duty team!

He will join co-stars Adrian Dunbar (superintendent Ted Hastings) and Vicky McClure (DC Kate Fleming) to investigate the role of DCI Joan Davidson in Black Mirror’s Kelly MacDonald’s role in the immediate murder case.

McClure added that he was “really looking forward to coming back and seeing the line with the Duty family”, when Dunbar said: “I can’t hide my excitement to bring the team back together even after the COVID restrictions. So many people are thinking. What happens? “

The BBC has revealed that the show’s production team “adheres to all official guidelines regarding Covid-19” and, in consultation with Independent Health, adheres to a wide range of protocols “to ensure the new series is produced in a safe and responsible manner”, and safety experts and industry partners.

This production news will come as a relief for the fans after Zed Mercury also informed To become BBC One in 2021 last month, six seasons need to be filmed through Christmas.

During the same exclusive Q&A, the upcoming series published by Compston involved a “bombshell” of a plot twist in the fourth episode, which he described as “worth the wait” last week after receiving a five-episode script.

Line of Duty is available for streaming on BBC iPlayer and Netflix. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our guide or watch our TV guide for the best Netflix series and the best movies on Netflix.

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