/Life Saving: Deciding to donate organs before losing the life of a 10 year old boy

Life Saving: Deciding to donate organs before losing the life of a 10 year old boy

CARTOR COUNTY, KY (WOOK) – Ten-year-old Vinnie Osborne-Brown sadly lost her life after a bizarre accident involving a tree last month.

Vinnie made a decision before the accident that could have saved several lives. After hearing about organ donation on the radio, he decided that he and the organ donor would sign up.

A few months after he made this decision, a tree fell on Winnie and one of his brothers at their grandfather’s home in Floyd County. Vinnie was taken to Cable-Huntington Hospital and then given life support.

On August 19, 1920, Vinnie died.

In these difficult times, the Brown family says they have received a lot of support not only from their community but also across the state.

At East Carter High School in Grayson, Kentucky, bikers and unique car owners went out for a fundraising cruise-in. The purpose was to benefit Vinnie’s family.

Many of those who showed support for the family during this difficult time came from the region, but were not the organizers of the cruise-in.

Joshua Warren and his family traveled quite a distance from Kentucky Morehead to host this fundraiser in the original town of Winnipeg.

When we heard the news of what had happened, we reached out to Winnie’s parents and we wanted to do something.

Joshua Warren, event organizer

Vinnie Osburn-Brown became an organ donor a few months before she lost her life. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Brown.

Winnie’s father said they had never met Warren or his family before the accident.

We didn’t even know the guy who put all these things together. He only saw a story on Facebook when we were in the hospital.

Johnny Brown, Winnie’s father

The family says they have received so much support from someone they would consider a stranger. According to Winnie’s mother, “they are no longer strangers.”

More than 100 participants turned out for the cruise-in event, and most traveled long distances to get there.

Gary Burton and Chuck Literal drove their motorcycle from Lexington to Kentucky to support Winnie’s family.

On the left, Vinnie with her mother, Elizabeth Brown, and two brothers. Right, Vinnie with her brother and sister. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Brown.

Because of Winnie’s decision, her mother says she always wanted to be the hero she was.

He said he wanted to be famous, he wanted to break the world record and I think he did more than that. He is saving many lives.

Winnie’s mother Elizabeth Brown

A little boy, a promise, and now the future of others.