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Google announced today that it will pay publishers for high-quality content. Licensed stories and articles will appear in a “New Experience Experience” later this year.

The program will help partners monetize their content through published storytelling experiences that help people delve deeper into more complex stories, stay informed, and bring them to the world of various issues and interests.

This is a significant exit for Google and technology companies follow repeated calls to license the news content displayed on their services. Government regulators as well as publishers wanted platforms like Search and Facebook to pay directly for article snippets.

Google has previously argued that search and its news aggregator help broader visitors to surface articles, thus generating more ad clicks for websites and subscriptions.

That said, the partnerships announced today involve more than just paying for a story preview. Google is specifically licensing “high-quality content” that will have an “enhanced storytelling experience” and will appear in Google News and Discovery later this year. The next feed is mostly on the left side of the Android homescreen and in the Google Search app,

The program will also be visible to Google – when available – “an offer for users to pay for free access to read paid articles on a publisher’s site”.

This will open the door for paid publishers to increase their audience and make it easier for people to read what they don’t normally see.

Google has already entered into agreements with local and national publications in Germany, Australia and Brazil.

We are currently in discussions with many more partners and plan to sign more next month

Over the decades we have worked with publishers to increase audience and quality. We continue that progress today with the introduction of licensing programs to pay publishers for high-quality content.

– Sundar Pichai (@SundarPichai) June 25, 2020

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