Letter: Small businesses are not the ones to choose when to reopen or reopen

On May 9, Gayle Ruzika of the Utah Eagles Forum wrote in a statement that the government’s regulations for COVID-19 were “highly intrusive and detrimental to the economy”. He believes that small businesses are responsible for their work and will do the right thing through self-regulation. In his assessment he does not understand that it is not based on how capitalism works. When you open a business, those who choose to compete face a net zero game where they gain a huge competitive advantage over those who choose to close. Failure to do so will result in loss of market share and companies will inevitably lose their jobs. In addition, those who do not follow the rules will allow the epidemic to spread quickly and put people at risk.

Contrary to some people’s beliefs, small businesses do not have the power to control themselves. This is not the case with good traders who want to do the right business. History has shown that if there is an economic incentive to do business or they are bound by the rules, they will only do the right thing. The implementation of the COVID-19 rule ensures that small businesses can compete fairly and even fairly, and more importantly, these measures are the only process we need to address this public health crisis.

Brian De King


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