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Home to several of Australia’s most respected winemakers, the Barrosa Valley is a wine destination like no other.

A handful of cars from Adelaide will take you to the Barosa Valley, one of Australia’s most historic wines.

A site of constant rearrangement that still retains its unbroken heritage, here is a snapshot of the must-have store doors – old and new together!

Chito Tanunda

At the age of 130, Chita is also one of the historically significant wineries of Tanunda Borosa. Owned by the Jaibar family since 2000, this chito is referred to as the “Birthplace of Barosa” and was built in 1890 in just five months. Whether you’re interested in award-winning wine, iconic architecture, or even a relaxing game of crochet, it offers something for everyone.

Chatau Tanundar sculptural field. Credit: Wine selector

Peter Lehman

It is impossible to surpass the contribution of the man who saved Barosa in the late 1970s. Hoffman Cellar, built on the banks of the Para River in the 180’s, is one of the region’s main wineries and is now the gateway to Peter Lehman Cellar. With its Grand Red Gum Bar and Old-World charm, it is one of the most exceptional wine ranges in the country.


Founded in 1849, Yalumba is one of Australia’s most iconic wine labels. Their impressive wine room – once an old brandy store – is the perfect place for a wide range of wines on offer. Visiting their fields during the week can reward you with a living collaboration on the fragrant spice of their hand-made barrels.

Look at the Yalumba and you will see them working hard with their barrels. Credit: Wine selector


Johann Christian Henske Visiting the Henske Underground Door, built in the 1860s, is one of Barosha’s most interesting wine experiences. This intimate, captivating place showcases and celebrates the Henske family’s winemaking skills and their ability to continually produce wines of international renown.

A very small number of Australian wines have very few names like Hensk. Credit: Wine selector

Fresh face in the scene

Want to discover something new? Visit Pindari, a beautifully restored rural property where you can sample their reddish brown earth and limestone soils, sampling their signatures Shiraz, Sanjewes, Tempranilo, Montepulciano and Cabernet Savignon.

Created by Jade Wines Genel and Kristen Jerk, the only sister duo in the region to produce, operate and operate their own winery. Their new cellar door on the main street of Tanundar hosts games for live music to provide a completely charming experience.

Until the end, stop by the purple hand for a relaxing taste that takes you across the range of their fancy wines in an intimate setting with a deck of flavors with views across Marananga.

Of course, this only scratches the surface of the offer offer for wine lovers in BarāĻ¸a. Wherever you find yourself, you will not be disappointed!

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