‘Leave her rest in peace’ after Mamie Caroline Flack exploded after the CPS chief said

It is very unfortunate that Mr. Beltrami could not let my beautiful daughter live in peace.

She regrets that she should re-select some lies about my daughter.

My daughter was unable to defend herself in her lifetime and is now unable to do so. Don’t be ashamed of yourself.

Mr Beltrami said the CPS had “no idea” that my daughter could take her own life when they decided to pursue the case against her.

If true, the CPS ignored the letter from my daughter’s attorney and only reported a psychologist warning about this possibility.

He also ignored that my daughter had spent so badly on the night of the incident that she was arrested because she was taken to two separate hospitals and had concerns about her life.

How can you claim that no one can take their life when they have already tried to do so because of the event in question?

Does Beltrami claim to be ignorant of their work or is he simply ignoring them?

The CPS was fully aware of these issues and risks when they decided to pursue the case.

Mr Beltrami also reiterated the false allegation that Caroline had hit Mr Burton in the head with a lamp.

It did not mention that this was denied by Caroline, which Mr Burton denied in a statement he gave, and this claim is perfectly consistent with the injury that Mr Burton suffered.

The repetition of this lie mirrors what the CPS did to Caroline on December 23, 2019, without any unbalanced effort.

My daughter’s advice to do this is also false.

He admits that he accidentally contacted Lewis when he held the phone in his hand and became emotional.

My daughter confessed to an accident – as not mentioned – in the attack.

Mr Beltrami originally repeated the CPS procedure in court on December 23 last year.

That day the CPS created a toxic environment that eventually led to Caroline’s death.

They placed three claims in the public domain that were either untrue, or they knew were misleading.

First, they claimed that Mr Burton received a “significant injury” – which is not true of those who saw the picture of the accident.

Police themselves called the crash a “minor” incident that led to Caroline’s acceptable contact with the accident.

Second, they claimed that Mr Burton was struck by a lamp – without making it clear that both Caroline and Lewis denied it or that Mr Burton’s injury was consistent with this claim.

Third, they referred to the “crime scene” scene as a “horror movie” – when they knew that Caroline’s blood was on the scene and that she could not say it publicly because of the accident.

You can only imagine Caroline’s pain that she caused someone else’s accident that caused a lot of bleeding and she couldn’t say that she was so scared that it would be obvious that she tried in her own life … she would lose her career.

He was allowed to have his room covered in his blood (although it was suggested to be Mr Burton’s) after the picture was published because of the CPS method and because it was not Mr Burton’s blood.

Caroline was so embarrassed and surprised by this picture – and those who gave it to the press would be so ashamed of themselves.

I don’t blame the press for publishing this picture in this situation – the CPS was allowed to do so by their claim.

However, I blame the press for not correcting all the fake stories published about Caroline and her hateful incidents when they knew she could speak.

By placing this information in the public domain, the CPS created an environment where Carol was stuck on social media and the press was able to claim her error about the incident.

CPS has released the monsters that chased Caroline.

Now the media is reporting all these lies again without any thought because Mr. Beltrami wants to justify himself.

In doing so it is worth noting that my daughter offered to take any precautions related to this incident – because she was not guilty, because she was so sad and willing to give up her career to be able to stop everything.

However, the CPS will not be involved in the discussion – because they forced my daughter to be ashamed in court or want to plead guilty to something she did not do.

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