Leah Remini remembers the late Jerry Steeler as “more than a comedy legend”

Leah Remini is reminiscent of her late Queen Queens Queen Jerry Steeler.

Following the news of Steeler’s sudden demise earlier this week – confirmed by his son actor Ben Steeler on Monday (May 11) – several stars publicly mourned their favorite comedian, including Remini.

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Remini and Jerry starred in the hit scheme nine seasons where she played Steeler’s daughter.

The actress recalled Jerry as a “comedy legend” but told people that the late actor was “much bigger” than her.

“Yeah, he was the guy that Jerry was able to make fun of and save his lines as soon as he could, which wasn’t on the page.” Yes, Jerry was a star, a legend, it’s true, but he never behaved like that – regardless of what you were, your history, your past, your profession … Jerry has really matured for you, “Remini said. .

From the first moment he met Jerry and his late wife Anna Mia, Remini recalled how he felt part of his family.

“Often people get frustrated when they meet their favorite stars, if not with Jerry and Annie, who were a group on stage and on stage. When you met Jerry or Ann, you felt the importance and the love felt and felt like family. Actress added. “She was always free to hug, praise, history – and your story – advice … wanted to know and made everyone around her feel like they were mothers.”

“They don’t just look like Jerry. For me, he is the last, ”Remini added. “Sadly he will be missed not only by King Queen’s cast and crew, but also by many who have entertained him.”

He sent his greetings to the Jerry family, who are sure to feel this great love, the absence of the soul. “

On Monday, Remini also shared her own sensitive tribute to Jerry, mentioning how she was “lucky” to work with him and to meet the deceased personally.

“I will forever be grateful for the memories, the words of the on-screen parents and the years of laughter, the kindness he showed me and my family … you will miss Jerry so much,” Remini grabbed his post. .

Ben announced Monday that Jerry had died of “natural causes” at the age of 92.

“I can sadly say that my father Jerry Steeler died of natural causes,” Ben said on Twitter. “He was a great father and grandfather and Anna was the most loyal husband for almost 62 years. She will be very sad. I love you dad. “

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I was lucky enough to work with Jerry Steeler, who starred in The King of Queens with his daughter for 9 years, but I was still lucky to know him, a man, a husband, a father, a grandfather. I was comforted to learn that Steeler and Meyer’s great comedy pair Ann and Jerry were back again. I will be forever grateful for the memories, the on-screen parent talk, and the many years of laughter, the kindness he showed me and my family … you will miss Jerry so much. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Amy and Ben. #Jeristiller #Steilerlandmeyer

Recording shared by Leah Remini (Lehremini) on May 11, 2020 at 8:16 am PDT

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