Lauren Browarnik has revealed the complicated birth of baby Shay and why she has not seen her baby for 24 hours

Peak Credit: TLC / @LorenBrovannik / Instagram

Lauren and Alexei Browarnik welcomed their adorable baby boy Shaikh to the world in April 2020 – a month before his due date.

Since then couples have been sharing lots of beautiful pictures and videos of their growing toddler on social media.

However, now Lauren is opening her mouth to fans on social media – and perhaps there were more complications than we even knew about Shayer’s birth.

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The couple shared an update from the hospital after the baby was born but a lot of things happened behind the scenes that parents didn’t talk about publicly before the first time.

Now we are looking in a lot of detail about the complications that Loren endured during the birth of Shay.

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Baby Shy was born with a true knot

Lauren shared a post on Instagram thanking the nurses for their service. He further revealed that baby Shy was born with a complication.

“You all know, I had a C-section and Shy was born with a real knot. I was on a magnesium drip and didn’t see my baby for 24 hours after my birth. What an emotional drain experience.

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If you are wondering what this means, then the real knot is a knot that forms in the navel of the sciatica.

It is rare and “occurs in only 2 percent of pregnancies.” In extreme cases, true knots can cause shortness of breath and cause brain damage or death.

90-Day Engagement: A member of the Pillow Talk cast thanked the nurse for helping her cope with a complex medical problem – which was further complicated by the Kovid-19 epidemic.

Peak Credit: @flornbrownerick

“We had an amazing nurse, Alice, who showed us the rope in just three days of our hospital stay. She also tested our baby at NIECU and would give us an update because we couldn’t stay there because of COVID-19,” Lauren said.

Lauren says it was a scary time

The 32-year-old continues to express her gratitude to her nurse Alice, who takes care of her and baby Shai.

“We have so much bond with our time together, we really cried when we left him because he really helped us because our family couldn’t stay in the hospital with us,” he wrote. From realizing how lucky we were with the real knot to teaching me to pump and even walk. Miss Alice created a scary time for us, somewhat easier. “

Now, after a horrible pregnancy, the mother and baby need to thank Lauren a lot now that she is healthy and happy.

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