Latoa Alia on ‘steroids’ like Moore in Kenya

Latoa Ali films for RHO with Fallen Goodbadia. Peak Credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Candy Burrus compared newcomer Latoya Ali to Kenyan Moore “on steroids” while previewing RHOA Season 13 Episode 4.

Previously, Candy went on a trip with Cynthia Bailey, Porsche’s friends, Fallen and Joey and Latoya.

This is the first time Latvar has met Fallen and Joey, and he has not backed down even after introducing himself.

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Fallen inaugurated her husband Simon Gowdia’s plans to have five children and eight of the three children.

Latoa then immediately asked the 31-year-old how old her husband was.

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When Fallon replied that Simon was 56 years old, Latoya replied shadyly, “Yes, I knew it.”

Cynthia then asked how she knew, to which Latvia replied, “Because you (Fallen) date men older than you with money.”

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Latoya then proceeded to ask if her first husband was also an elderly man.

“Latvia is Kenya on steroids. Do you understand “Dr. Kandi during a confessional interview.

“You know what Kenya says things and sometimes falls under people’s skin? This is Toya, ”he added.

The latest RHOA clip can be seen here.

Kenya and Latvia have already quickly become friends

The similarities between Kenya and Latvia quickly led to the formation of friendship.

Kenya again invited Latoa to her home and agreed to their friendship.

“I like Latoya. “Kenya took part in a confessional interview. We hold a lot. We read each other all the time. We just have great chemistry.”

Latoya Kandi’s case proves that she continues the shadow of RHO newcomer Drew Sidora for her wig, claiming that it looks like a “pet”.

Kenya mentioned in a confessional interview, “I thought I was shady,” “This is right here, I think my match might meet me.”

“Why are we like twins?” Latoya asked if they were shooting. “We’re just like that.”

Kenya later claimed during their hangout, “We can’t be friends because we are too shady together.

Fans have been seen agreeing with this sentiment and predicting that they will soon have a big result.

Kandi defends Latoya after fans kill him

Visitors have found the Latvian and Kenyan similarities and they are buzzing Latvia for them.

Although Kandi admits that Latvar has a big personality, he has come to the defense of YouTuber.

“I love him for the show. I think he was perfectly fit. Although I realized that he got a lot of heat last week, he got a lot of negative feedback, ”Kandi said in a statement on the YouTube show.

He also told the audience not to judge Latvar too quickly.

“I think your boys need to give him a chance because he’s really great. “It’s only the third week, give him a chance,” he added.

Atlanta Real Housewives aired Sunday at 8 / 7c in Bravo.

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