Later this year, the Darwin project will lose server support [/ embed]

Do you remember Darwin’s project? If the game doesn’t ring the bell, we won’t blame you, because there are a lot of battlefield fairy tales that are regularly introduced in the market, and it’s just a title that has tried to succeed in the oversaturated market. However, since the game became available to fans at an early stage, they may hear some bitter news that the development studios have decided to cancel the project altogether. Unfortunately, this has happened due to lack of interest from newcomers, leading the studio to decide to continue developing Not sustainable.

Like other Battle Royale games, the ultimate goal may be a little easier than most fighting games with the last person in total winning a total of ten players. This title is also a combination of survival elements such as maintaining your health while walking in difficult places and asons. There was also an option for the home player, who was able to express several additional surprises, which the fighters had to fight against.

“We have been silent for some time and we apologize for that. We want to update you on the Darwin project. It is with great pleasure that we decided to stop developing new game features. The April update was the last for the expected future. “

Scavengers Blog Post:

Although the game has lost initial access since the beginning of this year, it seems that due to availability a few years ago, due to early entry, the game has become quite rough at the moment. The news of the looting of the game and the end of the servers came from the blog post of the official development studio.

Looks like this project will be an educational experience for the development studio, as we wait to see what the next project will bring to the table. From the same blog post it seems that several unannounced projects are currently being created.


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