Lasalle at NCIS: New Orleans: What happened to her?

Lucas Black played Christopher Lassell in NCIS: The New Orleans Cast. Peak Credit: CBS

NCIS: New Orleans killed Lasley in the show’s Season Season, and some fans haven’t finished it yet.

NCIS agent Christopher Lassal did a good job with the rest of the team and was always the one to approach team leader Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakular).

The character was always good for some ridiculous moments, but Lasalle was one that the perpetrators never wanted to overcome. He got the job done and he did it in a way that impressed many NCIS: NOLA viewers.

And that love affair between the character and the fans continued until the tragic death of Christopher Lassell in the Ocking Tu season.

Why NCIS: New Orleans Killed Lasalle?

In short, Lassell’s character died because the actor who played him wanted to leave the show.

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Actor Lucas Black NCIS: LaSalle enjoyed playing through the first five seasons in New Orleans, but he decided he wanted to be able to spend more time with his family.

Filming close to 24 episodes per season for a hit television show could lead to somewhat critical times. NCIS: For the Nolar cast, that means a lot away from their family. Black has decided that he no longer wants to accept this sacrifice.

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Krishna spoke to the show’s producers and agreed to return to the Seam season so that the character could be written correctly from the show. And it was here that Lassell’s story was transformed into an investigation into his brother’s death that ended with the assassination of a devout leader.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but Black is equally adept at keeping the secret to life.

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NCIS: New Orleans rolled without Lassalle

NCIS: New Orleans actor Charles Michael Davis was brought to the show as special agent Quentin Carter. He took on the job he had in the Lasalle team, but fans weren’t quick to accept the replacement.

There are still viewers of the show who are upset about the casting change, but the show didn’t exactly want to get rid of Lucas Black. She has made admirable choices for acting roles in a hit TV show and moving away from high-paying work to stay with her young family.

Who can blame him for that? And based on the video below, which came from the YouTube channel that he is running, Black is enjoying family life.

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NCIS: New Orleans aired on CBS on Sunday.

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