Kush Jumbo is coming out of a ‘good fight’ before the fifth season

Mandy Moore / DPA via Z Juma Press]

A good fight lost another big star. Kush Jumbo, who plays Luca Quinn, is coming out of the CBS legal drama ahead of his fifth season.

The actress started playing Luka in the final season of The Good Wife before going to the spin-off after the end of the previous series.

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Good Fight producers Michelle and Robert King recently hoped to connect all the loose ends of Luke’s story in the fourth season, but due to the ongoing public health crisis, it was not possible to force the show to close before the filming ended. Thus, the seventh episode of Season 4, which aired on Thursday, May 26, became the finale of The Good Fight season. The makers of the jumbo and the show are hoping to be able to put a deadline in the 5th season in Lusaka.

“I’ve had the most amazing time in the last five years working with Robert, Michelle and Crew, and with Good Wife and Good Fighting,” Jumbo Entertainment said in a statement obtained weekly. “I miss him a lot, but I’m very excited to explore the new pastures. The epidemic that forced us to close so early, so we couldn’t fully present the Luskar story, so I hope the schedule allows me to do it next season.”

“We love every moment of working with Kush over the past five years and everyone in the Good Fight universe will miss him dearly,” King wrote in a statement. “With the 4th season ending prematurely due to the epidemic, we hope that Kush will be able to return if we can continue shooting for the 5th film to say goodbye to Lucha.”

Unfortunately, Jumbo isn’t the only original cast member who won’t return as a regular series next season. Dilroy Lindo, who played Adrian Bosman, also planned to leave the series at the end of the fourth season. To co-founder TVline, they hope Lindo will return in the 5th season to finish Adrian’s story.

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