Kuo: The Apple car market is ‘very bullish’, the launch could be in 2026 or later

Rumors of Apple making its own EV are back on the scene with a production of Robitar, possibly starting production by 2024. Sources said that Apple’s works include a groundbreaking monosell battery. However, reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has come up with a special note on Apple Car that says the market is “very optimistic about Apple Car” and 20225 is when we saw the car launch and in fact say, 2026 or later is possible.

Kuo cites three key issues with Apple Cars: uncertainty about launch times, uncertainty about suppliers and car specs, and uncertainty surrounding Apple’s competition in the EV and self-driving car markets.

Apple car pushing back?

Kuo highlighted the note that he had previously predicted that the Apple car could be launched in 2022-2025 but his latest research shows that it has pushed back, perhaps even significantly. Kuo’s latest survey indicates that if development continues this year and everything is “OK”, an introduction could take place between 2025-20227. But based on Apple’s standards, rapid changes in the EV and self-driving car industry, Kuo “wouldn’t be surprised” if the Apple car doesn’t come “2028 or later”.

Kuo further believes that Apple Car glasses are still being developed as it will launch very soon in 2025 – but probably later and that – and the final glasses will not be set until 2023-2025.

Apple’s challenges

Finally, Kuo warns investors that Apple has a number of strengths to deal with any application, although “it doesn’t always succeed in new business.” He cited the failure of the homepod and Apple smart speakers to capture a large share of the market (also saying that Apple’s smart speaker development has been “temporarily suspended”).

To catch Apple playing

In the big picture, Kuo notes that the competition between EVs and self-driving auto spaces is fierce and you can’t assume that Apple will succeed. Serious aspects will be self-driving data and AI instead of hardware, and one of Cuo’s biggest concerns is that Apple may be 5 years or more behind in deep learning compared to Tesla, Wimo and more.

Kuo added that the “Apple Car Concept stock” that is popping up is pure speculation and has nothing to do with real Apple car suppliers.

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