Kristen Dwight’s boyfriend says sacked Vanderpump Rules star was ‘kept in the ring’

Kristen Vanderpump is feeling the love of boyfriend Alex as she puts the rule drama behind her. Peak Credit: @Christundute / Instagram

Kristen Dwight’s boyfriend, Alex Menach, says the sacked Vanderpump Rules star has been thrown through the ring. He stands for a sensitive message for his spiritual love which proves that Alex has been with Kristen for a long time.

It’s been three weeks since Bravo Christine, pregnant Stacey Schroeder, Max Boynes and Brett Caprioni were fired for racist actions against Faith Stowers from the Vandparp rule.

Although Kristen apologized, fans did not waste any time calling her speech, nothing more than a PR stunt.

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The haters against Kristen came out perfectly and Alex had enough of it.

Alex’s message to Kristen

Earlier this week, Alex broke his silence about Kristen being ousted by Bravo. He praised the way he directed public dramas. Alex also praised her strength, then reminded her that he was always her biggest fan.

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Oh yeah, Alex’s Kristen is back, and she wants everyone to know it.

Alex wrote, “This woman has been thrown out of the ring for the past few weeks and taken away like a champ,” “Anyone who knows you, your heart is pure and kind. He has dealt with it with compassion and strength and is running the work behind the scenes. I respect you Kristandute and will always be your # 1 big stupid fan! “

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Peak Credit: AlexMenachi / Instagram

Kristen showed her admiration to her man by sharing her own Instagram post of the couple kissing. She told him the best thing. These two are not afraid to get in trouble on social media or tell enemies that they have each other’s backs.

Speaking for myself

After enduring strong reactions to show her support on various issues, Kristen used Twitter to remind people that she has the right to have an opinion.

“It simply came to our notice then that I had no right to say anything. Click incomparable. I hope you use the same passion then and find the words to help someone, to fight against something and to bring about change, ”Kristen wrote.

Peak Credit: @Christandute / Twitter

This tweet caused further outrage among the haters. Kristen then tweeted that she was not trying to anger anyone but an outspoken person. He told people to be kind or follow if they disagreed with his message.

Alex Menach is defending his girlfriend Kristen Doubt after being fired from the Vanderpump rules. Kristen wants good manners from her fans. He is grateful to have Alex on his side as he makes a living after the Bravo show.

Vanderpump rules are currently in Bravo break.

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