Kim Kardashian fans want Van Jones as her next boyfriend

The divorce papers of Kim Kardashian and Kenny West have not been signed yet, but fans are already speculating that the “keeping up with the Kardashians” star will be next date.

Many on Twitter are hoping that Kardashian, 40, will move on with CNN commentator Van Jones, whom he has worked closely with to reform the prison.

One person tweeted, “I try not to sink too deep into the gossip pool but Kim Kardashian and Van Jones are not too far away, she is trying to cross the California bar to become a lawyer. Van Jones is a lawyer. At least he is counted. “

Another wrote “Kim Kardashian and Van Jones: An Inevitable Love Story”.

Kardashian, 52, and John could not immediately be reached for comment.

In 2018, Jones met Kardashian at the White House because he apologized to Alice Johnson.

Jones told Andy Cohen in “Watch WhatsApp Live Hall” in 2019 that the reality star was “brilliant”, adding that he would make a good lawyer because he was “incredibly persuasive and unwavering.”

The CNN commentator also revealed in that interview that he was in contact with Kardashian “twice a week”.

In June 2018, Jones sat down with Kardashian on his show on CNN to discuss his work with Johnson and tied the knot with his 43-year-old West at the time.

“As a creative talent partner who occasionally finds herself in trouble, do you think you can do the most important thing in this relationship?” He asked.

Kardashian replied, “I think it’s just a support system even if you don’t see it and a lot is going on. I think we’re always real, like we have really good communication, so we always – whatever it is. Why not … if I don’t agree I don’t agree – I always do and I think he knows it. “

On Tuesday, Page Six exclusively published that “divorce is imminent” for West and Kardashian after six years of marriage and four children living together. This was the third wedding of the founder of KW Beauty.

Meanwhile, Jones separated from his wife Jana Carter in May 2018 and their divorce was finalized in June 2016.


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