Kelly is in solitary confinement after being beaten in prison

The insulted artist’s lawyer told The Post on Thursday that Kelly has been placed in solitary confinement after being beaten by another inmate in a jailhouse.

“These are the only things that can save him,” said Steven Greenberg, Kelly’s Chicago-based attorney.

For some time on Wednesday, a disgruntled prisoner, enraged by Kelly’s lockdown, came to his cell and began attacking him, Greenberg said.

“It simply came to our notice then. Kelly protested outside the jail, they locked up the whole facility, ”the lawyer said in a brief interview.

“When they do this, the inmates don’t get their commissaries, they don’t get their showers, things like that, and since they’re fairly scattered, they get upset. So they are punishing everyone for this benefit because people are protesting in support of Kelly. “

The attorney described the attack as mere “dust” and said “minor injuries, nothing was broken” but only because the guards were able to soften quickly.

“I’m still very worried because I’m sure the guards were able to prevent something from happening quickly at the moment but what if someone carried a bag or something like that in his cell? Or are the guards busy doing something else? Dr. Greenberg.

“We were lucky this time, but who’s to say next time?”

Kelly is awaiting trial on multiple child sexual abuse charges and has repeatedly appealed to the court for her release amid the coronavirus epidemic but all those appeals have been rejected.


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