Kelly Flanagan and Peter Weber continue to break the rules

Peter Weber and Kelly Flanagan can’t stop touring the country despite being on lockdown. Peak Credit: ABC

Kelly Flanagan and Peter Weber are living in their own love bubble these days.

Peter was engaged to Hannah Ann at Bachelor, but dropped her off and then tried to follow Madison Privet. When that didn’t work out, he contacted Kelly, who had previously been dropped from the show and kept the two of them apart.

Now, they claim that they are happy in love and what people think about their relationship. And that’s a good thing, because fans aren’t thrilled by the couple’s recent behavior.

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Since Peter is a pilot, he has to travel for work. However, he is bringing Kelly along with his travels, and since he is not a required employee, it is a violation of the lockdown order.

Kelly Flanagan and Peter Weber will appear in Florida

This week, Peter and Kelly revealed that they plan to share travel videos with their fans on Instagram.

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They released the first video, which documented the trip to Miami yesterday. The footage shows them on a golf course, on a boat, and on skateboarding in and around Miami.

Peter and Kelly can’t stop traveling despite their limitations. Peak Credit: @ CommentsBichaler / Instagram

A comment in the video expressed frustration towards the couple. “They just can’t stop traveling,” Fans wrote.

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Those followers don’t just ignore Peter and Kelly for coronavirus lockdown. Their unnecessary travel has put others at risk and fans have been annoyed that the two feel the rules don’t apply to them.

Kelly Flanagan and Peter Weber continue to anger fans

The decision to share videos of Peter and Kelly’s travels seems almost an invitation to criticize as they document their contempt for the rules.

Miami Trip was not common knowledge among bachelor fans, but the video confirmed that people could find out about their unplanned travel.

This is not the first time they have broken the rules. Earlier, Peter and Kelly went to visit Peter’s parents in California.

The trip drew criticism, but Peter and Kelly never addressed it.

When they returned to Chicago, they again denied having a house order.

While some bachelor fans are overwhelmed about their romance, many are frustrated and both are setting such a bad example.

Peter and Kelly have yet to explain why they decided to reject public health advice, but hopefully they will soon begin to take the epidemic seriously.

Graduation is currently on break.

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