Katy Perry is naked, her pregnant body shows in the “Daisies” video

Katy Perry won’t be happy unless you cover her with daisies! Chamomiles! Come on!

On Friday, Perry released a new music video for “Daisies” from his upcoming studio album. In the video, she walks around the forest in a free white robe – and finally finds some rock formation and then a waterfall, where she shows off her pregnant body and throws the cloth into the water.

In a post about the song on Instagram, Perry said, “I wrote this song a few months ago as a call to be truthful about the curriculum you set for yourself, no matter what others think.” Lately, it has gained a new meaning for me in light of what is happening all over the world. Each one of us is more than seven billion, the story of our own speaking power and flexibility. “

Perry seems to be using music videos to document pregnancy with fianc অ Orlando Bloom. He first confirmed the news via the video “White Windows White” in early March. After finishing, wearing a white dress and dressing like Queen Midsommer’s daughter, Perry wears a white sock – revealing her very pregnant belly, standing in profile.

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