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Kannada filmmaker Ramu Death News: Coronavirus epidemic has made India vulnerable. The bust of death is everywhere because of this epidemic. Millions of people are being infected with the coronavirus every day, while the number of people dying from it is also expanding every day. In addition to ordinary people, many big celebrities of the country have lost their lives and their loved ones.

Who is Ramu? [Died At the Age of 52]

Now, Ramu, the famous filmmaker of Kannada cinema, has also died. He is 52 years old. Ramu has been influenced by Kovid-19. He was the husband of Malashree, a famous film actress from the south. He was infected with Covid-19 for some time, but he said goodbye to the world after being defeated in this global epidemic. According to media reports, Ramu’s death was announced by the director of Kannada Film Academy and close family friends.

Kannada film producer Ramu Death News – wiki, biography, age

Famous filmmaker Ramu was one of the great producers. His films were named after him. His name attracted the audience to the theater. In the film, he was known to spend indifferently. He has acted in many brilliant films including Ramu Sinha, Arjun Gowda, AK47 (1999), Lockup Death (1994), Kalsiplya (2004) and Ganga (2015).

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Actor Ramu Biodata – Lifestyle, occupation, cause of death, date of birth, wife’s name

In his career, Ramu has acted in more than 30 films. Most of his films were big budget. There is an atmosphere of misery in South cinema due to his untimely death. Many film stars are paying their last respects to Ramu on social media. Filmmaker BA Raju wrote a letter about Ramu on Twitter, “Sandalwood filmmaker Ramu died at Kovid-19”. He was treated at MS Ramaiah Hospital in Bangalore, where he breathed his last. Ramu was married to Kannada film star Malshri. They have two children.

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