/Kane West tweeted that he is trying to divorce Kim Kardashian

Kane West tweeted that he is trying to divorce Kim Kardashian

Kanye West claims he told Chris Jenner about being involved in “white supremacy” and is trying to divorce his wife, Kim Kardashian.

“I have been trying to get a divorce ever since I met Kim Mack at Wordsworth [sic] The prison wrote on Twitter on Wednesday morning, ‘for prison reform’.

The West explicitly referred to a criminal justice summit in November 2018 attended by Kardashian and rapper MacMill.

He wrote, “I am humble and respectful. “That’s my dog ​​Kim was out of line.”

In Misaev’s series, West referred to Jenner as his mother-in-law “Chris Jung-un” and said that the Kardashians had tried hard to treat him for mental illness.

“They tried to fly me to 51/50 with two doctors,” West said, referring to the California Welfare Agency.

“Chris and Kim made a statement without my approval … it shouldn’t be White’s dominance of the wife.”

The artist was apparently in his studio in the town of Cody, Wyoming, when the tweet was released. The allegations came a day after Westerners first said the Kardashians were trying to “lock me up”.

He wrote in his first tweet on Wednesday, “If you don’t plan on one of the kids’ playboy shoots, I’ll live Cody for my kids.”

The play begins with a bizarre promotional-style event in South Carolina on Sunday where she cries and reveals that Kardashian has almost landed their first child.