K-pop fan and tic-tac-toe teen prank Trump rally

President Donald Trump’s recent campaign rally did not go as planned.

The low attendance number of the event is partly due to K-Pop fans and TickTock users who have been RSVPing the event for months and not showing it since.

Trump’s rally at the Bok Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was held on Saturday (June 20). Although the field has a capacity of 19,000, the New York Times reports that the Tulsa Fire Department Marshall counted only 6,200 tickets scanned.

Meanwhile, Trump’s team has claimed that they have requested one million tickets for the event field even though the organizers had planned for an overflow section which they did not finish.

As it turns out, social media users purposely paid RSVP for the rally and did not participate in setting Trump’s expectations higher than the actual turnout.

Although previous tweets, videos, and ticks related to Prink have garnered millions of views, users delete posts 24-28 hours later to keep Trump’s team anonymous.

The assembly photos show that there were a handful of people in each section of the upper level of the arena and the floor area was only half full.

After the ceremony, celebrities began trolling Trump about his low attendance at his rally by dividing their previous attendance numbers at the same rally.

Phineas shared a picture of him and his sister Billy Hilsa in front of a sales show. “In orange:” Sorry, “he tweeted.

Pink also joked about the number by sharing a photo of Trump’s “packed” rally. “I think I sold the same place in five minutes,” he wrote alongside the hashtag, #donkisho.


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