Justin More M of TFC with all his adaptations to the new general training session

Toronto FC’s new fullback, Justin Moore, is driving on the training ground in his football uniform, fullback, carrying a ball and training cone with him.

Before you leave home you must finish a questionnaire, you must check the temperature after arriving at the club’s North Training Center and wear a mask from your car on the field for a solo workout.

“We are alone when we are on the field,” he told a media conference on Thursday. “I can see my teammates. I may be able to call them, but we don’t really interact.

He said it reminded him that he could have done something in the off-season if he had gone on vacation and had only one ball with him.

“I can run a little, dribble, but nothing more. So in that sense it’s weird. “

Still, the Cleveland native is taking the opportunity to work with a ball on decent ground, leaving the finger behind, through voluntary training for Toronto players starting Monday.

“It’s hard to be a professional athlete trying to stay fit at home,” he said. “Not being able to touch a football ball. It’s very difficult.”

“I think the club has done an incredible job of acquiring our equipment and giving us what we can so that we can stay on top. But it’s really hard to be on top of what we have without space. So it felt great to touch the ball back on the field. “

He says it’s also a form of emotional relief “because it feels like we’re accepting, we’re moving forward.”

MLS postponed the game on March 12 in the second week of the 2020 season due to a global epidemic. In the league, all 26 clubs in the Orlando area will have a training camp this summer and then spectators will be hoping for a free game.

Understands the league’s desire to return to action as early as possible tomorrow, limiting the risks to all victims.

“Everything we do is risky, whether it’s personal training, group training, full team training or full games, there are risks,” Moore said. “And at this point, with Orlando-centric, I feel comfortable that the league has taken all the right precautions to keep us safe. And to deliver us from the way of loss.

“But at the same time, the virus is very strong. So I would feel comfortable playing in situations like this. I just hope there is a time between this and the time when this process starts to set the protocol so that everyone’s best interests are taken care of. “

When he said that being away from his family would be tough in such a situation, he would prefer to be in their house.

“In Toronto I feel pretty safe here with them,” he said. “Below is something I want to carry on my shoulders and nothing more from my family.”

With the Bundesliga set to resume work this week, Moor says he is thrilled to see the German league’s rate rise. But in the age of physical distance, he doesn’t care about how the COVID-19 game changes from goal celebration to party meals.

“Every time I think about how weird or different it is, I just think everyone is trying their best in really difficult situations … I don’t want to endanger anyone’s safety and so we all try to do it. To find a balance here.”

Playing in front of empty stadiums means the 32-year-old Moore also wants to be back in action.

“I am not young and my career does not last forever. So while my legs are still working I want to take part in some games, ”he said with a laugh.

Moore said his fitness level was probably at the beginning of the training camp.

“Touching the ball again, getting my legs back under me, running sprints and things like that. These are things I haven’t done in about two months.”

The club is sharing training sessions with a group of about 14 training sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and the rest of the players will work on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. They have two shifts a day with the time coming soon to avoid traffic jams in the car park.

After closing it, it is good to see the kind look from afar.

“Everyone had a smile on their face,” Moore said.

Yet it is different.

“It’s not surprising to talk to your teammates six or ten meters away with the mask on. It’s not the same. But at the same time, we have been together for two months. So it’s really good to see these guys. . “

They use two fields with four players each on the field, each working in separate quadrants. There is one coach for the field.

Players learn about their training and practice time, complete with diagrams through an app.

The only players not out of town are striker Joji Altidore, who is in Florida, and defender Laurent Simon, who is back at home in Montreal. They are both doing their own workout.

Personally, Moore feels lucky that his close and extended family is healthy. He has a main yard in Toronto, so he may have some more space with his Paraguayan wife Jimena and daughters Chiara and Lucia.

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