Justin Hartley meets former ‘young and restless’ coaster Sophia Parnas in separation from Crishel Stoe

Press Association

Justin Hartley is hanging out with former young and restless Costa Rican Sophia Parnas.

The 43-year-old actor was seen kissing the 30-year-old actress on Thursday, May 26, when he was dropped off at the Southern California Orthopedic Institute, TMZ reported. In the published photos, Parnas Hartley was seen kissing her before she refused – and a few hours later picked her up.

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Hartley played the role of Adam Newman from 2014 to 2016 in the film Young and Unstable. In 2015, Farnas portrayed Adam’s niece’s girlfriend Marissa Sierras. Also, Hartley’s estranged wife, Chrysal Stoze, starred in Bethany Bryant in the 201 Bet play.

Hartley applied to leave Stooges in November last year. In the application, he claimed that they separated in July 2019. However, Stoz claimed that the date for Hartley’s application was November 22.

A source told the American Weekly at the time that the breakup was “a big surprise to everyone around Justin and Chrysler.” The issue of divorce was raised during the last episode of the reality series Selling Sunset starring the star couple.

At the end of Season 2, the clip teases what was coming on Season Selling Sunset 3, and Stoj is seen crying when the group discovers his breakup.

“It’s just a lot at once, because everyone in the world knows. I love him so much, ”Stoez said. “It was my best friend. Who am I talking to now?”

An insider told the weekly how difficult it is to watch Stoge’s show. “Crishel was obviously very emotional on set and it’s all over again,” Insider says.

After season 2 was released, Stoz Hartley opened his mouth about his caress.

“I’m obviously looking forward to it, but it follows our real life,” the sales sunset star told the entertainment company today, May 22nd. “Where the show cares is where my life is and unfortunately, you’re going to follow its journey – good and bad.”

He added: “Of course I really love him and the way it happened and the accuracy of the time it’s unfortunate. When all this went wrong I had another month to draw the play. I hope we can reach a place where one day we can get back to it.” I will look and laugh. I don’t know, I hope it’s very unsatisfactory and the relationship is tough. “

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