/Judge Simon Cowell will judge the ‘X-factor’ following major surgery in Israel

Judge Simon Cowell will judge the ‘X-factor’ following major surgery in Israel

X-Factor Israel returns to its fourth season It was last aired in 2014 and will feature Simon Cowell as Chief Justice. Simon will be judging an event outside the United States and the United Kingdom for the first time. Many are excited to see exactly what Simon will bring to the show and what kind of talent they will discover!

Simon Cowell ‘X Factor’ will be the Chief Justice of Israel

X Factor was first published in Israel in 2013. The show featured a panel of judges, including Rami Fortes, Moshe Peretz, Sherry Maimon and Ivory Leader. The last time the show was released was in the last 3 seasons which was last aired in January 2018 crowning Aden Allen as their winner. This time the show is back with a new panel of new judges to take the crown of a new winner and you guessed it, Simon Cowell will be the chief judge.

In the past, Simon was the Chief Justice of X Factor UK where he served as Chief Justice for seven years. After that, he left the show to launch the US version which is now produced in more than 50 regions. “Over the years we’ve discovered incredible talent around the world through the ‘X Factor’ format. I can hardly wait to see what the Israelis have to offer.” He said.

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He will not be the only new judge to appear on the show. The network said Cowell would help select judges who would work alongside him on the competition show. Although we are currently in epidemic, the network says filming is expected to begin in a few months.

Network Rehte 13 says, “Cowell is one of the biggest and most influential music personalities in the world,” and his participation as a judge in the Israeli format provides opportunities for international exposure for Israeli singers. “

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This is the first year Simon will return to work after back surgery. The music producer suffered a back injury after a bike accident at his home in California. Due to the injury, he was also given a place as a host in America’s Got Talent.

It doesn’t stop him though. Excluding X Factor Israel, he is also working on another show called 50 States to Stardom.