Josh Trunk admits he wants a black invisible woman in Fantastic Four

Josh wanted to keep the trunk black invisible woman. Peak Credit: Fox

There was a lot of controversy in 2015 when Josh Trunk brought his Fantastic Four movie to the big screen and will star Michael B. Jordan as Human Torch.

But now Jordan is proving to be the highlight of critically acclaimed movies, Trunk said in an interview with Geeks Color that he wants an invisible woman to play a black actress.

Josh Trunk talks about studios fighting for inclusion

Although Trump is known to have played Jordan in the role of Johnny Storm, who previously played Krant Evans in Fantastic Four movies.

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Many fans have hated the idea of ​​changing the storm from a white man to a black man for decades. By saying this, Trunk proved that he was right because Jordan was great in the role.

Jordan previously worked on the Trump Chronicle, an original comic book movie. Speaking of actor casting, the voices of African Americans were heard in Hollywood.

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Trunk, who was 26 at the time, walked over to Hill with Fox, who took his film away from him at the end of it and kept bitter about how the final film was released.

In an interview, Trump said he should say goodbye as soon as possible to Fox’s black actress Susan Storm, while denying her desire to play the role of the invisible woman.

Ref. Kathy was cast by her father Franklin Storm and Michael B. Jordan as her brother, so she could understand. However, Fox wanted a big star as Sue and Kate Mara was forced to kill her cast as an actress and step-sister.

Trunk thinks he failed the Fantastic Four

“When you work with a studio in a huge movie, everyone wants to be as open-minded as the big-time stars,” Truman said.

He then said that the studios had strongly pressed the idea of ​​a black suede storm.

“When I see it, I have to walk at a time when this feeling hurts me and I feel ashamed that I wasn’t in principle,” Trunk said.

Trunks says he has changed over the years and now he believes he will stand up for her and he feels terrible that he failed with the Fantastic Four.

Josh Trunk’s new film Al Capone is now airing on Netflix.

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