Jordana Brewster is reportedly parting ways with her husband Andrew Farm

Actress Jordana Brewster and husband Andrew Farm have called for her to end after 13 years of marriage, people said.

The couple – who are the fathers of Julian’s son, Julian, 6 and 3 – were “quietly separated” earlier this year, the source said, adding that the result was “friendly”.

Brewster, reports in Forms 40 and 48, did not immediately return our request for comment.

Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with Brewster Farm while working on “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: A Beginning”. The form has served as one of the film’s producers. They were married on Nevis Island two years later.

“We started dating secretly – you know, hanging out with my trailer – because otherwise it would have been illegal.” Brewster told Instyl Weddings about his relationship. “But Andrew wore these work boots on the sets every day and if I got shot or put any equipment on the way, I would look for his shoes. Nice to know he was almost there. “

In 2013, Brewster and Farm welcomed their son Julian through a sergeant. Son Rowan came three years later, also through a sergeant.

Brewster unveiled about surrogacy in 2015 during an interview with Yahoo Parenting.

“I didn’t really like my openness, because obviously I wasn’t pregnant. And for me it wasn’t a choice, I was supposed to use a surrogate. But I didn’t feel devastated, I felt awkward like this, ”Brewster said earlier.

“Sometimes I feel a little deprived when other mothers talk about their birth experience and I feel a loss that I can’t wear or bear. However, luckily, I keep the circle tight and closed, so I never feel judged, ”he continued.


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