Jordan Lloyd addresses the chatter about Jeff Schroeder

Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder in Big Brother with Julie Chen. Peak Credit: CBS

When Jordan Lloyd posted a post about her husband Jeff Schroeder on Friday, Jagat Bhai spread 22 rumors.

Jorf posted a short movie about the title of the movie on his Instagram account.

Along with a photo of Jeff and their daughter, Jordan kept a long note of how much he would miss the man of the house while out of town.

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“Jeff got a small part in a movie and left us some in the film. I don’t know what Lawson is going to do without his father. These two are inseparable !!, “Jordan wrote.

He continued his post by writing, “I had a lot of plans when he left. I’m so proud to be chasing his dreams forever with that JeffSchroider 23 and also to get out of his comfort zone! I’ve been with Jeff for 11 years now and I I’ve seen him go through a lot of ups and downs with the industry I’m coming into. “

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Big Brother 22 started rumors

How Jordan’s post spread the Big Brother 22 rumors on social media may seem quite obvious. Some of his followers thought he was hinting at Jeff to join the BB22 cast.

The photo and caption he posted are shared below:

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Jordan pines for Jeff on social media. Peak Credit: @bbjordanloid / Instagram

For new audiences who don’t recognize Jordan Lloyd, he was the Big Brother 11 winner. He returned to play at Big Brother 13 and competed in the Amazing Race for CBS.

Jeff Schroeder was also a part of the BB11 actor, where he began his acting career with Jordan. The relationship continued outside the home and the couple finally got married in 2016.

In addition to playing in Big Brother’s two seasons, Jeff also did pre-show interviews for CBS and Big Brother producers in recent seasons.

Rumors of Jeff Schroeder’s return as a member of the BB22 actor are probably so credible because of his relationship with the Big Brother production crew.

Jordan Lloyd addresses Jeff BB22 cast rumors

Luckily for everyone, Jordan is back on his Instagram post to let fans know what his original post meant. Many fans did not see his reaction after it was buried in the comments.

Below is one of the notes left by his followers:

Jordan Jeff BB22 talks about rumors. Peak Credit: @bbjordanloid / Instagram

Jordan has promised that Jeff BB22 will not be a member of the cast. It seems to have gone straight on the record, especially as he mentioned it several times in response to fans, but it’s probably a red herring because he didn’t want to get Jeff in trouble.

In addition to these big brother 22 rumors, the show had some great news that was published the day before. A report says the production team is going to work inside a bubble to tackle the coronavirus epidemic.

There were some fans about the health situation in California that Big Brother 2020 could be canceled. But it really looks like CBS and the production team is trying its best to make it happen this summer.

Big Brother is currently on break at CBS.

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