Jim Ross on Vince McMahon’s Health, The Great Sami Zion News

According to Jim Ross, Vince McMahon’s health has raised concerns about the WWE Hall of Fame. Also, Sami Zion did something great for the Syrian people.

Jim Ross on Vince McMahon’s health

Age, like everyone else, is something that cannot be stopped or reversed. Aging becomes our best despite eating properly and exercising frequently.

When you have someone like Vince McMahon for a boss, it means working non-stop. Lately, wrestlers have been demanding that McMahon not look healthy.

At the moment, WrestleMania News cannot deny the allegations. During the Grilling JR podcast, however, Jim Ross had no problem adding his opinion.

Surprisingly, he said McMahon was no spring chicken. However, he added that the WWW director still works like a 25-year-old and never stops.

The ethics of Vince McMahon’s work

“He only works on the last days at Y and he has no deadlines, no requirements,” Ross said. “You sometimes wonder how intense he is.”

“The busier he is, the more responsible he will be if he is running a business in front of a huge crowd. I don’t know the answer to that question.”

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“I am much more concerned about his health than he is able to run the company. He will run the company until they bury him. ”

“I don’t think he will ever sell the company. I don’t think she’ll ever slow down to a great degree, it’s not just her makeup. ”

“If he does, he will not be happy. I firmly believe that all people should try to find their happy place and that happy place is working. It has always been that way. “

Ross praised McMahon’s work ethic, claiming that he was not like anyone else at WWE. For McMahon, his life revolved around the WWW.

“I think that’s one of the things that has made the company so successful. The morality of Vince’s relentless work. No one at WWE has ever worked as an owner. He has no hobbies, he goes to the gym and he works.

Vince’s health

“I’m just concerned about Vince’s health. He greets me as he has definitely helped me a lot.”

“However, do you sometimes wonder what you are doing or what you are forcing yourself to do? It’s almost like an obsession with his work. “

In addition to running the world’s largest company for the past 40 plus years, he also had other adventures. Vince tried bodybuilding and XFL twice, but none stuck.

People always talk a lot about McMahon. However, there is no need to deny the 75-year-old passion for WWE and work.

Great Sami Zion News

Image Credit: Provided via WWW.com

Sami Zion cares very much about Syria, which is facing dozens of wars. Some citizens and others are involved in foreign countries.

The biggest loss is innocent people. For assistance, the Sami supports the Syrian American Medical Society.

The money donated is used to purchase and fund a mobile unit on Syrian ground. At the end of the last round, $ 20,000 was raised

In the last hour of 2020, an anonymous person paid $ 5,000. Since then, Sami has doubled her প্রতি 5,000 commitment.

Here is some good news for the end of 2020:

For X-Month I said I would match the #Samifordsiria mobile clinic with a grant, up to 5 to

We hit that goal! And in the last hour someone donated $ 5K anonymously. So I matched it too.
We raised 20,000 in one day!
Thanks everyone.
Happy New Year. pic.twitter.com/emO42ns2ct

– Sami Zayn (জায় Sami Zayn) January 1, 2021

For all its evils, at least Sami and his conspiracy theories exist.

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