Jim Bob Duger is alleged to have feared his “relationship” with Jor Duggar and Laura Demasi.

Jana Dabgar complains to Jim Bob Dugar of some concern. Credit Peak: TLC

Jana Bob Duggar Jana Dugar has complained that she is a bit sad about her love life. She is currently 30 years old and unmarried.

Over the past few years, various legends have spread in John’s personal life. He hasn’t stopped yet and always quotes that he’s waiting to ask “Mr. Right”.

Although there was no government court, several men are believed to have tried to marry Duggar’s daughter.

Does Jan have more friendships with Lara Dimacy?

According to Hollywood gossip, which had an exclusive source, Jim Bob Duger is worried about how close his best friend Laura Demasier is.

Speculation about the sexuality of knowing has been in the headlines for years. He was not interested in men and spent a lot of free time with Laura.

Both have made several trips with other friends and Dugar family members.

He never spoke publicly to deny rumors that he was in love with Laura Demasia, and perhaps no less than he ever wanted it.

The source said in the publication that Jim Bob was disappointed with his eldest daughter because he is not yet married and has not formed a family. All other adult Dugar daughters are married and have at least one child.

Unfortunately, no one knows why he is still unmarried until John Dugar is ready to discuss his life with the public.

She seems to be living a happy and prosperous life, including helping her mother with Dagger Mix with young children.

Who else was John Duggar romantically associated with?

Lawson Bates is the biggest name that spreads regularly when someone mentions Jan Duggar and the court trial. Bates and the Dugar family have been friends for years.

Carlin is Joy’s best friend. Other kids have also interacted and become friends over the years.

Despite rumors circulating about Jana and Lawson, the two were not romantically involved. They end up in many of the same places but only they share friends.

Suddenly there is a reason for the reunion of Tim Tobo and John Duggar. The screams were loud, but she has been married since then and she is unmarried and lives with her parents at the age of 30.

Count he is currently out of the fray, but is expected to return to TLC later this year.

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