Jill Duger sheds Jim Bob Duger on Father’s Day, paying last respects

Jill apparently sheds Jim Bob Duger on Father’s Day. Peak Credit: TLC

Jill Dugar seems to have overshadowed Jim Bob Duger on the occasion of Father’s Day, which is not a matter of concern between her husband Derrick Dillard and his father.

The former Counting on Star has been around for months when it comes to family drama. Derrick made some interesting claims and detailed the couple’s relationship with the Dugars, leaving some fans wondering if the relationship was preserved.

Jill shared a questionable post on her Instagram story

On Father’s Day, most of Duggar’s children went to social media to praise Jim Bob Duggar. Jessa reshared a YouTube video about her father, shared several photos known, and posted a tribute to John-David Duger and his wife, Abby Grace Burnett.

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Jill Dugar did not recognize Jim Bob until the very last moment. Honestly, he didn’t share anything about Derrick Dillard until the end of the day. However, the post of Jill sharing her Instagram story has raised some eyebrows.

The post was about how difficult Father’s Day can be for anyone, including abusive fathers, missing or imprisoned fathers, fathers who have lost their fathers, and more. Jill and Derrick are openly arguing with Jim Bob given that many fans took the step to Duggar’s ancestors.

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Peak Credit: @Jilmildard / Instagram

Finally, at the end of the day, Jill Dugar took to Instagram and shared a post about the father of her life. He mentioned about Derrick, his father-in-law and his father. Although the post wasn’t overly sensitive, it was enough for Jill to admit to her Jim Bob without adding fuel to the fire.

Peak Credit: @JilmDillard / Instagram

What’s going on between Derrick Dillard and Jim Bob Duggar?

In recent months, Derrick Dillard has revealed his relationship with Jim Bob Duggar and Jill up.

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Speculation about the crack began several days after Jill and Derrick came out of the counting on. Late last year, former reality star Duggar was exposed about the need for permission to stay in the complex, the lack of compensation for appearing on the show and much more.

Since then, Derrick has talked about the problem of having contact with Jill’s siblings. Unmarried siblings all live in the main house and older siblings are not allowed to stay there without prior arrangements.

It is rumored that Derrick is working on a book, and his in-laws may not approve – there are allegations that Jim Bob has already discussed the book with his lawyers.

Intentionally or not, Jill Dugar raised some eyebrows with the post on her Instagram story. She greeted Michelle Duggar on Mother’s Day, so towards the end of Father’s Day she sent a very clear message about where she was standing.

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