/Jill Dugar shared throwback photos of Jana and John-David

Jill Dugar shared throwback photos of Jana and John-David

Jill Dugar shared a happy birthday post for John and John-David. Peak Credit: TLC

Jill Dugar has confirmed that her twin brothers and sisters John-David and Jana have been inaugurated on the occasion of Happy Birthday.

Although there is tension in the family, it seems Jill will rise to send a happy thought to her siblings.

He mentioned earlier that some of his siblings do not always agree with him and yet, he still takes the time to make them feel special.

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While it’s unclear where he stands with John-David and Jane, it looks like he still has fond memories of growing up with them. Ironically, he was also the first to post about their birthdays on social media.

Sending birthday wishes to Duggar twins

Earlier today on Instagram, Jill Dugar shared a throwback photo of herself along with her older brother and older sister.

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He shared some memories of what it was like to grow up with John-David and Jana Duggar as his older siblings.

Jill said, “We were often asked if we were triplets. And when we tell people that we weren’t, it was always hard to imagine that there were twins between them because I’m often the same height or even taller than both. “

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He also described the picture, saying, “I smile a little in this picture because believe it or not, it shows our personalities pretty well … John and I just cool and Jana all over the place! (Laughter emoji)”

John-David and Jana, now 31 years old, are about 1 month apart from Jill Dugar and her older siblings. She will celebrate her 30th birthday in May.

Where does Jill Dugar stand with her family?

At the moment, the relationship between Jill and her parents and siblings is unknown. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar confirmed the rift with their daughter in the past and revealed that they hoped for healing and rehabilitation between them.

Jesse Duggar is in touch with Jill. The two sisters have been hanging out and seen together in recent months. It seems to be the perimeter of her siblings, although she chose it.

Jill attended a girls’ luncheon with her sister and Michelle Duggar but things seemed a bit uncomfortable.

Although Jill did not attend the big Duggar Christmas event, she did come to FaceTime at some point. It was recorded by Jesse Duggar when he filmed the event.

While things may not be great between Jill Duggar and her family, on her birthday she took the time to let her siblings know what they thought about them.

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